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The production capacity of Latvijas balzams disinfectant is maximized; distributors are ready

Many have expressed interest in purchasing the hand and surface disinfectant Virudes manufactured by JSC Latvijas balzams: governmental institution, health institutions, food manufacturers, sanitary distributors and companies that are ensuring premises disinfection, also retail chains. Although Latvijas balzams initially planned production capacity of up to 6 tons per day, due to high demand, production capacity of Latvijas balzams was increased up to 20 tons per day.

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Latvijas balzams will produce hand and surface sanitiser

To deal with the lack of availability of disinfectants in the country, Latvijas balzams will begin producing a hand and surface disinfectant based on the World Health Organization’s recommended formula. The sanitiser is alcohol-based and will be available in 4 litre volumes, which can then be transferred into smaller containers.

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