Factory Tours

Tour of the Latvijas balzams factory

If you wish to have a look at the factory where the legendary Riga Black Balsam® and other fantastic beverages are produced, to learn how alcoholic beverages are made, to taste the Riga Black Balsam® extract, which cannot be tasted anywhere else in the world – then we invite you to apply for a tour to the factory that has been closed to visitors since the very start of Latvijas balzams in 1900.

To participate in the tour, you must at least 18 years old.

The tour program:

  1. The spirit warehouse* – the path of alcohol to the factory, its production and storage, the story of the historic building;
  2. The vodka unit – the production and processing of vodka, a look at the beverage tanks, columns and filters;
  3. The ELIT® hall – the world of elit® vodka with its unique production method, the story of the brand and world-class achievements on the alcoholic beverages market;
  4. The bottling unit** – the bottling process, the story of bottles, labels and their meaning;
  5. The liqueur unit – the legend of Riga Black Balsam and its history, tasting of various drinks.

* The sightseeing of the spirit warehouse (from outside).
** During the days when the bottling unit will have work breaks, or it will be closed, the processes will be shown in video format.

Tour price per person: EUR 15 (VAT included)***
Group size: 5 – 15 persons
Tour languages: Latvian, English, Russian
Length of tour: Up to 2 hours*

*** The tour price includes tasting of Riga Black Balsam extract and Riga Black Balsam, plus one of newer blends of Riga Black Balsam, of your choice.

After the tour it will be possible to buy souvenirs and to use a 10% discount coupon to purchase full-price alcoholic beverages at the factory store.


Application for a tour and safety rules

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